About v1.vc 

We started v1.vc to help entrepreneurs with a simple operating philosophy in mind:

  • Rule #1.  It’s all about the entrepreneur.

  • Rule #2.  If there are any questions, see Rule #1.

At v1.vc, we empathize with entrepreneurs. Full stop.

We understand how hard the entrepreneurial struggle is (hell — we are living it ourselves every single day).

We understand that building a business is one of the hardest, soul crushing things imaginable.

We understand it takes a decade to build something of real value, and we promise we’re going to be there side-by-side with the entrepreneur through the long, hard journey ahead.

How do we measure if we’re succeeding as investors?  

Simple: our goal is to be the first investor the entrepreneur calls when shit hits the fan and they need help.

We’ve designed this very intentionally.

When we set out to create v1.vc, we spent a ton of time on our core values as a partnership to make sure we wouldn’t ever be perceived as “The Dark Side of Venture Capital.”

Rather, we want to be viewed as fellow entrepreneurs in partnership with the companies we work with.

After we make an investment, we get out of the entrepreneur's way and help them with whatever they need, when they want it. 

So as we embark on this journey together, we will always strive to be upfront, honest and empathetic to our fellow entrepreneurs.


v1.vc is a $5M seed fund that invests in early-stage companies across North America. We're a group of repeat entrepreneurs who love helping other entrepreneurs build meaningful businesses.

We’re located in Boulder, CO and San Francisco, CA. Our initial investment size is typically $100,000. To learn more about what types of companies we're looking for, see our themes and portfolio

Our Team

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Brett Jackson
Co-founder, Managing Director




Bart Lorang
Co-founder, Managing Director




Benny Joseph
Co-founder, Managing Director